I'm An Adult! I Can Do This!

You've been seeing Boat Shoes EVERYWHERE, I'm sure, and there nothing really wrong with that. If we see them still in distribution Summer 2010...then we can be sick of them and have a bond fire set up in every major city. Meanwhile... I'm adopting these Rogues Gallery Martin Deck Boots to call my own. I don't think I've ever really seen anything this inspiring that may have initially been a dubious decision. The muted color contrast makes the shoe an easy transition from spring to fall and we all know how great that is for shoe collectors. Everyone goes home happy.

Kept Fresh


Sincere said...

Now I may be the only one who didn't follow the Boat trend.Mainly because I won't be caught did wearing the same thing as someone else.Like there were times where i literally went home and changed.(serious)The lack of me jumping on the "Boat wagon" was mainly because of the lack of difference in the shoe.BUT...had I seen this ONE!!! Fresh on the boat i would have been.LOL

Anonymous said...

yea boat high tops extra hot!! :-) takes the whole concept to another level


Marla Becks said...

I agree. I was beginning to get sick of all the people looking as tho they were ready for a nautical trip. But this shoe changes my perspective on the shoe.

Anonymous said...


Charlie Brown said...

as we say in Wonderland, "hotter than the sun"