Bruno's Back

Sacha Baron Cohen, seen above crashing the runway of an Agatha Ruiz de la Prada show as his popular character Bruno, is back with the feature length film, Bruno. It is reported that he crashed the runway of an ICEBERG show as well while filming the movie.

Bruno is a character who first appeared during short sketches on The Paramount Comedy Channel in 1998 before reappearing on Da Ali G Show. Following the success of Borat, Universal Studios acquired the rights to make a Bruno film.

Although Bruno can be a bit political, it's the fashion aspect of this character which draws me to him. Bruno focuses on interviewing those from the fashion and entertainment industries. He generates humour through three devices: interviewees making outrageous statements; revealing an interviewee's apparent ignorance; and having an interviewee take an opposite position on a subject.

Click the link below to see the trailer and judge for yourself if he deserves your dollar for this movie.

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Betty said...

HAHAHAHA! i was at the show. and i was wondering if that was apart of the program or not. lmao! you never really know do you? lol