The Little Birdy Told Me

In the past month, I've gotten countless Facebook messages asking why I stood so strongly against the Twitter movement. "Why SHOULD I twitter?", I asked one of the inquiring (yet angered) minds..."Because it's fun! Try It" she said.... Now, even though I'm all for "the experience" of things, this is one that I won't mind passing up. From what I 
understand, Twitter is a social network where people follow each other and update their statuses all day long (which I just don't get!). I can't help but to believel that Twitter is just another distraction from what should be a fundamental lifestyle. Whether it be your religious beliefs, your business, your family, or just your general purpose in life.... something like Twitter will only move further from that.

First there was Hi5, MySpace, Facebook, then everything in between, now Twitter? I didn't mind Myspace OR Facebook, mainly because its a perfect way to keep in touch with friends (without having to call them 
everyday) and network for the sole purpose of promoting your business/company. If I didn't know any better I'd think that all these "social networks" were just different ways to lower the values of our privacy. Of course if I'm Twittering all day, then I wouldn't care WHO knew WHAT I was doing and WHERE I was doing it. Is it that so many celebrities carry out the trend that we follow in their footsteps and leave our minds behind? Maybe, we're just so caught up in the advertising that we either don't think logically or don't think at all. Could it be, that we've slowly been conditioned to believe that we're our own tabloid material? You be the judge.


Betty said...

YOU KNOW WHAT!? if i ever caught myself on this twitter business, I'll probably walk in to Starbuck and start yelling for no reason. It's really gettin out of hand.

Charlie Brown said...

I was so close to being a twit, and after reading this, I see that i HAVE NO REGRETS. SERGIO WONDER FOR PRESIDENT!

Anonymous said...

Im so with you, Im no bird , I dont fly with the flock! I cant keep up with another social networking site, im all over Facebook and Runway Wonderland that Myspace is hanging on by a thread. lol.

Napolian said...

um lol im on twitter and at first i honestly thought it was a waste of time (i kinda still do) but in away alot of people on there inspire me to get up get out and do something. most people i chat wit on there are doing big things and posting it so i kinda take what i can from it and keep it going