Love Me

[This could be random...but who cares] I often think about what it would like to live in city and be in love,..... and I sometimes get in a "yellow" state of mind just thinking about the great possibilities and the even greater changes that my life would take [with that person]. I imagine that we would be the type of couple that takes random getaway trips just for the experience....we'd lay in bed all day listening to our favorite artists (and maybe even knew ones that spark our interest).... and we'd establish a great presence amongst our peers without even really trying. Of course, there would be parties every now and then (twice a month, lol) just to keep a fresh appearance of our own.

I also imagine that business would always be a must between the both of us, as it is the standing anchor of our success (as individuals), which I believe is essential to keep your empire strong. Of course that would be a mutual understanding.

Family could be an immense part of the relationship, however we'd wouldn't have or own just yet. Maybe we'd want to enjoy that part of life much later.... or maybe we're just not ready.... or maybe we're just not "trying". Nevertheless... our life is quite enjoyable. 

To be in love and love in the city


Charlotte said...

Oh Sergio! just marry me!

Gina said...


That was so real.
I need to indulge in some 'yellow' thinking myself.

Charlie Brown said...

ah man. we aint supposed to be thinkin about this at such an early age. but man, thats one serious tip.

Anonymous said...



Mikey said...

Yeah man. I find myself thinking a lot of the same things.

Who wouldn't wanna live like that!

Anonymous said...

oh i see. light