[I'm A LifeStyler] I Dream of Genie

So...we, here at Runway Wonderland have been cooking up a new segment that exposes the very reason why we blog. And since we love and push living a lifestyle, that stands true to you and your "values"....we've got something called a "Being a LifeStyler", which you may have seen us mention a time or two. "What's a LifeStyler?", you ask? As we all know, you can't live a life without style, or you'd just a standing empty idiot. A LifeStyler lives in every sense of the word. He/she doesn't just stay true to fashion... but food, interior, politics (ugh), culture, art, and everything else in between. A LifeStyler makes their own way and opportunities. Where there's an event of any kind, there you will find a LifeStyler. With all that being said, we're more than elated to say that we've managed to find our very first candidate; 24 year old Georgina B. who lives her life as an Event planner in London,UK. 

Who or/and what inspires you to be a LifeStyler?
Everybody who looks like everybody else.

Who is your style icon?
People who wear what the hell they want and make it look amazing!

Ideal Scenario, you're going on the perfect vacation... where to and what are you doing?
Melbourne, Australia and lots of tennis!

What/where are you eating?
in the presence of friends and wild laughter. If we're talking cuisine, then Italian or Turkish or a whole massive plate of garlic mushrooms. What are you rockin' this season?
Faux fur, leather trousers, big specs, 80s dresses. I'm always on the lookout for a new 80's dress.

You won't be caught dead in?
Never say never

More important? Shoes/Bag? Why?
You can build an entire outfit around an amazing pair of shoes. Bag? Not so much

Where are you in 5-10 yeas?
Doing something creative.

When you're not working, you are (doing what with your free time) ?
Driving too fast. Talking too loud. Looking for more vintage dresses to add to my collection. Snuggling up with my iPod.

Any random info you'd like people to know? Sunflowers are the best flowers in the world. Make your bed as soon as you get out of it.

There you have it! We couldn't have been more excited to have done this piece on our Genie. She's our style icon....and should be yours as well.

Freshly Kept


Sergio Wonder said...
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kenster said...

yo! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU FIND HER?! She's gooorrrrgeous!

Charlotte said...

oh wow! i "snuggle" up with my ipod too! Its just loves be so much better than any man can. lol

Betty said...

The life i dream to live

the rOcK said...

yo dude! she's mean!

Gina said...

Aww guys ur making me blush. Lots of love. xoxo

Anonymous said...

her hair is really really hot!

Charlie Brown said...

I say we invite her to the party on Runway! Of course after I get the invite, lol

Anonymous said...

this broad is everything my mother told me about. HOT!!!